english texts

  1. How Unscientific is the Labor Theory of Value? (Viewpoint)
  2. Soft Shell, Hard Core: On the 150th Anniversary of the Publication of Karl Marx’s Capital, Vol. 1 (Oct. 2018) 
  3. Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. An Introduction (2017) London: Verso.
  4. Even closer to the truth. Why we ought to read Keynes with Marx in mind, and why doing so can help us learn – from Keynes. A response to Michael Roberts.
  5. Keynesianism is not Necessarily Leftist (Interview) (2013)
  6. PolyluxMarx. A Capital Workbook in Slides (2013)
  7. Debt and Punishment. A critical review of David Graeber’s ›debt‹. The book is missing an analysis of capitalism (2012)
  8. Addendum on Graeber’s Debt (2012)
  9. »Is the whole World going bankrupt?«, Government debt: What it is and how it functions. »luxemburg argumente«, English version, December 2012. [pdf-file] (2012)
  10. The order of knowledge: the state as knowledge apparatus. In Gallas, Alexander; Bretthauer, Lars; Kannankulam, John; and Ingo Stützle (eds.) (2011), Reading Poulantzas, London: Merlin, pp. 170-185.
  11. Gal­las, Alexander; Brett­hauer, Lars; Kannankulam, John; and Stützle, Ingo (eds.) (2011), Rea­ding Pou­lant­zas, Lon­don: Merlin
  12. The EU After the Euro Crisis. From the Death of Neoliberalism to Authoritarian Stabilization (2011)
  13. How Germany Profits from Greece’s Crisis (2011)