Archive18. April 2012

Demokratie als preiswerte Form der Herrschaft


In einer Analyse für bloomberg schreibt Ana Isabel de Palacio del Valle-Lersundi, die ehemalige spanische Außenministerin in der Regierung José María Aznar, zur spanischen Krise bzw. zum Nutzen der Demokratie als preiswerte Form der Herrschaft u.a.: »Spain’s economic woes are triggering renewed fears over a potential default in the euro area, and much of the blame belongs to labor laws that date back to the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. … Franco’s labor laws offered workers rock-solid job security and strong collective-bargaining rights. These were critical elements of welfare systems that were adopted by fascist — or national socialist — regimes around Europe, as they sought to maintain social harmony in the absence of democracy. Changing them has been a...