Archive16. Februar 2009

Interview mit Robert Brenner zur gegenwärtigen Krise


Ein in Englisch geführtes Interview mit Robert Brenner (The Boom and the Bubble,) zur aktuellen Krise findet sich auf einer koranischen Website: SEONGJIN JEONGMost media and analysts label the current crisis as a ‘financial crisis’. Do you agree with this characterization? ROBERT P. BRENNERIt‘s understandable that analysts of the crisis have made the meltdown in banking and the securities markets their point of departure. But the difficulty is that they have not gone any deeper. From Treasury Secretary Paulson and Fed Chair Bernanke on down, they argue that the crisis can be explained simply in terms of problems in the financial sector. At the same time, they assert that the underlying real economy is strong, the so-called fundamentals in good shape. This could not be more misleading. The...